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Beginning Our Journey to Reconstruction

Patrick O'Neil | Published on 3/29/2022

As we exit the intensity of COVID-19 era our local tennis courts, 1,2,3 have also seen better days. As we begin to adventure out it is paramount, no more so then ever, that we promote exercise and healthy living. For tennis players, we live for the passion of playing in the warm summer breeze with out friends while staying active and healthy. To thoroughly enjoy the game its critical that we have safe playable surfaces and the first 3 courts are nearing the end. They were reconstructed last in 2009 and are nearing the end of their usable days. As 2022 begins we are wanting to start the year right and reach our goal of $10,000 from our members to put towards the resurfacing of our beloved courts. Please consider donating today so that you can continue to play on the courts safely.